AudioQuest, based in Irvine, CA, manufactures and distributes premium-performance audio and video cables, accessories, and solutions. The company currently sells to over 600 specialty audio/video dealers in the United States and Europe and to 45 independent distributors around the world.

AudioQuest was not so much founded as it evolved.

The Quest Group was born from one man’s passion for music and the arts. William E. Low (Bill), founder and chief designer of AudioQuest, became intensely interested in music and audio equipment during his teenage years. A burning curiosity, along with the economic realities of subsidizing higher education, soon found Bill selling music systems to fellow classmates on the campus of Reed College in Portland, Oregon in the early 1970s.

By 1976, with his college days in the rear-view mirror, Bill found the urge to move to California irresistible. After a one-year stint as a manufacturer’s representative in the Bay Area, he continued south and established a small, high-end audio salon in Santa Monica. During this time, Bill recognized that deficiencies in the signal-carrying cables were a source of various kinds of distortion. He began to experiment with various cable construction techniques and quickly realized that seemingly small changes in construction could have substantial effects on the sound of an audio system. Subsequently, he came to the same realization with video cable. From this point on, an ever-evolving journey of improving the performance of audio & video cables became Bill’s passion.

By 1980, cables were being provided by Bill to an emerging network of specialty audio dealers in Southern California. With business plan in hand and a few hundred dollars in the bank, he formally established AudioQuest and began to expand distribution throughout the United States and around the world.

Thirty-plus years later AudioQuest is the premier provider of high-performance audio and video cables and accessories. AudioQuest’s continuing success is driven by not being held prisoner to existing approaches and never resting on laurels. AudioQuest’s ideals appeal to newbies with passionate curiosity and people willing to join us in our never-ending quest for new frontiers.

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The following is an excerpt from an interview with AudioQuest founder and chief designer William E. Low that appeared in M magazine…

Minimizing loss, maximizing value

William Low’s firm stance is that every single cable and component takes a toll on the original signal, that when designing a cable you can do no right, only less wrong.

Mr. Low maintains that many of his entry-level cables will outperform many of the more expensive cables from the competition. And with this philosophy backing up cable design and innovation, it is no wonder the cables have such a strong and loyal following among high-end enthusiasts.

Yet, in Mr. Low’s mind, the largest leap is for the customer who has been settling for cheap cables, and doesn’t know what a quality entry-level cable can do for the experience. That’s the biggest jump in price point with the largest benefit. He contends a good salesperson, like a Magnolia Sales Professional, is essential to helping customers discover exactly what cable is right for their discriminating ear.

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