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Pro-Ject Audio Systems: High fidelity, Pure, Elegant... and at the right price.
Pro-Ject is an industry leader, bringing high fidelity analog audio to your ears without cleaning out your wallet. From turntables that fit any budget to high-quality accessories for optimizing your listening enjoyment, we make sure your vinyl collection gets the top shelf treatment it deserves.
Based in Vienna, Pro-Ject has a passion to create audio systems of outstanding sound quality without frills, gimmicks and snobbery. Since 1990 Pro-Ject has set the standard for price/performance at their three European manufacturing facilities. In each product, old world craftsmanship, modern CNC technologies and high-quality materials are combined in simple, appealing designs which delight the eyes as well as ears. In addition to the exceptional value for the money, they guarantee dependable performance, ease of use and very accurate sound reproduction.
Pro-Ject, awards
Many international awards and press reviews are a testament to Pro-Ject’s quality standards. Here are but a few of the awards Pro-Ject has received over the years:

2004 – Best Turntable, What Hi-Fi?, Sound & Vision (Debut III)
2006 – Best Turntable, EISA (RM 9.1)
2009 – Best Turntable, EISA (6Perspex)
2010 – Product of the Year, Hi-Fi Choice (6Perspex)
2012 – Best Turntable, EISA (Debut Carbon)
2012 – Product of the Year, Tone Audio (Debut Carbon)
2012 – Best Turntable, HiFi World Champion (RM 10.1)
2014 – Best Analog Source, EISA (Xtension 9)
2015 – Best Turntable, HiFi World (Essential II Digital)
2015 – Best Turntable, EISA (RPM 3 Carbon)
2015 – Best Turntable, High Fidelity (RPM 9 Carbon)
2016 – Red Dot Award in Product Design, Red Dot (RPM 3 Carbon)
2016 – Product of the Year, Russian Hi-Fi (RPM 10 Carbon)
2016 – Best Turntable, EISA (The Classic)
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