At Magnolia, home automation is nothing new. We’ve been installing the latest systems for years, in homes and businesses both large and small. With the finest brands and our professional installation capabilities, let us bring the benefits, simplicity and enjoyment of home automation to your home.


You’ve probably heard the terms home automation and home control. For many, these terms are synonymous with each other, and while there are many similarities, at Magnolia we see them as very different things. Home control is the act of simply controlling certain aspects of your home: a light switch controls the lights, your thermostat controls the temperature, a TV remote controls the TV, and so on. Home automation, on the other hand, integrates these activities into one simple format.

For example, if you want to watch a movie, home automation allows you to push a single button on your smartphone or tablet, and a series of results happens: the lights dim, your TV and home entertainment system come to life and go to movie mode, window blinds close, and even the temperature in the room can be lowered to increase the “snuggle” factor. One button did all that! It’s all these aspects of your home working together seamlessly that takes you from home control to home automation.

Magnolia + Home Automation

At Magnolia, we believe that it’s home automation that brings your entire home to life. It’s the key that gets it all going, and the engine that keeps everything working together properly. We also know that it can be a complicated solution, and one that’s a lot more than just plug and play. That’s why at Magnolia we not only offer the finest home automation brands like Control4, AMX and Savant, but we also have engineers and installers who are professionally trained to bring these systems together in your home.

We’ve installed countless home automation systems both large and small, from new builds and renovations to retro-fit systems, so we’re confident that we can handle any-sized project. And the best part, once we’ve installed your system, we make sure you know exactly how everything works before we walk out the door. And if you have any questions down the road, we’re ready to help.

Plus, inside our Magnolia Design Center showrooms, you can take select home automation systems for a test drive. Control every aspect of our family room setting, or step inside the dedicated home theater and watch as you control it all with the tablet app. So if you want to see just what home automation can do for you, let our home-like store be your testing ground.

To experience home automation for yourself, visit your nearest Magnolia Design Center and ask for a demonstration.

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