Keeping it simple

In the world of high-end home entertainment, things can get pretty complicated. The gear, the specs, the connections, the installation: it can leave even passionate audio and video enthusiasts baffled. But for Magnolia System Designer Jason Ladnier, taking away that confusion is the key to creating the perfect system. Here’s how he keeps things simple, in his own words.

Jargon free

“My clients are very busy with their families and their jobs. So when I start working with them, I never try to explain the technical side of things, because they don’t have time for it. Instead, I try to paint them a picture. Because that’s what they really want. They want to be able to see this amazing stuff working in their homes. I’m able to take all the confusing acronyms and technical terms, and convert them into a system they’re going to love.

“What I’ve noticed is that people look at TVs and speakers as objects, but what they really want to see is how it’s all going to come together. It’s got to be simple. So what I focus on is the benefit of customization and control through systems like Control4 and Savant. Everyone is on their phones, on their tablets, so to be able to control everything from that single device is the way to go, and it’s the easiest way for them to do it.”

Breaking it down

“What drives me in this business is helping people, showing them what’s possible. To get that call, text or e-mail that says ‘this system is fantastic, you did a great job,’ that’s what I look forward to. I love being able to show the client that this does not have to be complicated, and preventing them from making it so complicated. I just break it down; what’s important to them, what are the things they want to get out of their system, then we start working on it. I focus on what they need and what their family needs. It’s that simple.”

“I want to know that I made a difference in people’s lives by making it easier for them to use their audio/video equipment. That makes this job worth it.”Jason Ladnier, Magnolia System Designer “The Galleria” Store Houston, TX

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