M&K, the choice of professionals

There's something special about using what the professionals use. Whether it’s the same brand of golf clubs as your favorite golfer to duff up your local course, or playing the same brand of piano as your favorite musician to struggle through Chopsticks. We like having what the pros have, even if we can’t play like they do. Thankfully, when it comes to audio, you don’t need any special skills to get the full enjoyment out of the same brand of speakers that the film, music and broadcast studios use. Introducing M&K Sound, the speaker of choice for Hollywood, now available at select Magnolia Design Center locations. Now you too can experience the sound just as those who created it intended.

Rock star beginnings

“The choice of professionals” is a very apropos slogan for M&K Sound, not only because of who uses these speakers today, but also because of how the company got its start. In 1973, a world famous L.A. rock band commissioned M&K Sound to design a studio reference subwoofer and monitoring system for their mixing sessions. The result: the world’s first balanced dual- drive subwoofer, and a sound that started to get a lot of attention.

Studios began to ask M&K Sound to create systems for their professional use, while producers, directors, actors and recording artists wanted M&K speakers for their home installations. M&K Sound’s professional monitoring systems rapidly became the standard for both music and film sound, and today can be found at Universal, Paramount, Lucas Films, Sony and Dolby studios. Yes, the studios that mix and master some of the top movies and audio soundtracks we enjoy every day rely on M&K speakers to ultimately bring this sound to you.

Just like the original

M&K speakers create a sound that they simply describe as “right.” M&K believes that “the only truly worthwhile listening experience is one that transports you to the site of the original acoustic event with absolutely minimal loss, addition or distortion.” This is why M&K speakers are designed to allow you to hear exactly what the performers and recording engineers heard: no more, no less. It’s this dedication to accurately deliver the original signal that has given M&K a fiercely loyal following among both professional users and music and home cinema enthusiasts. Now, with a line of speakers inside the family room setting of select Magnolia Design Centers, you too can experience these speakers in a true-to- life setting, realizing the true essence of every recording.

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