Product Spotlight

Sonus Faber Chameleon

What’s your mood?

When you think of Sonus faber, power, performance, precision and musicality probably come to mind. And when you think of a chameleon, you most likely picture those little reptiles that change colors with their surroundings. Fittingly enough, these two definitions clearly define the Sonus faber Chameleon. These speakers deliver incredible performance to both stereo and multi- channel systems with a sound that’s all Sonus faber. Like most Sonus faber speakers, they’re covered in leather with drivers embellished with aluminum trim. But it’s the interchangeable side panels that make these speakers really stand out. Choose your mood, décor or personal style with colors that range from white, black and metal grey, to red, orange and blue. It’s all the serious sound you’ve come to expect from Sonus faber, with a totally new, fun and funky style.

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