High def for your ears

In 1980, the first Sony Walkman® became a worldwide phenomenon strapped to the waist of the hippest kids, teens and adults at that time. While its portability delighted music fans, its playback ability left audiophiles desperately seeking more. Over the next three decades, audio quality never reached the superior sound of vinyl. While CDs took music quality a few steps forward over cassette tapes, the digital music era took sound quality a few steps back when their convenience replaced CDs. It wasn’t until that digital sound finally moved into a high-resolution format that vinyl had a worthy adversary, and true music lovers had something to rival the original recordings. The only problem—you needed a player that took up as much space as those large round discs to hold and play this hi-res sound. But now, we have Sony’s new hi-res digital music players, and they are bringing the Walkman brand we know and love from the ‘80s back and into the future, with two new players that encapsulate everything we loved about the original, while catapulting them into another stratosphere when it comes to sound quality.

Portability, Power, Performance

Sony jumps into the future of digital audio with two hi-res Walkman music players that are capable of handling a variety of digital audio formats, ranging from standard CD-ripped tunes, to 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution audio, delivering sound that is up to 6-times the resolution when compared to a standard CD. You can enter this audiophile quality world with Sony’s A17 hi-res music player that delivers 64 GB of built-in memory, with a microSD memory card slot so you can store even more music. Battery life is impressive as well, offering up to 50 hours of music playback on a single charge. Or you can upgrade to the flagship ZX2 and double that memory to 128 GB with 60 hours of MP3 playback and up to 33 hours of hi-res audio playback. Whichever you choose, get ready for studio-quality sound that you can take with you anywhere.

The flagship ZX2 with 128 GB of memory and a 4.0 inch touch-sensitive screen.

To bring you this incredible sound in such a compact design, Sony incorporated two new technologies: the S-Master® HX digital amplifier and the DSEE HX. The S-Master® HX digital amplifier delivers faithful, detailed, wide-frequency audio reproduction. While the DSEE HX restores the high frequency signals stripped by the audio compression process, accurately expanding the audio signal bit-depth, in real time, to hi-resolution sound quality to deliver natural, spacious sound.

With anti-reflective LCD displays, these players reveal album artwork, photos, and even videos in rich, clear brilliance, while their interfaces make searching for the right song a breeze. Now you can spend more time listening, and less time fumbling through your music.

The A17 with 64 GB of built-in memory.

Take them for a spin

With the Sony hi-res Walkman, it’s like going from a standard definition TV to ultra-high definition, and Magnolia is primed to be the perfect place to experience it. Beyond your ability to try out these hi-res audio players right in our stores, our selection of premium headphones allows you to experience this amazing audio to its full potential. The future of audio is here, it’s hi-res and it fits in your pocket. We’re ready, are you?

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