Top audio gear for him & her

While audio products aren’t gender specific, there are certain products no man, or woman, should be without. Here are our Top 5:

1. Headphones:

Exceptional sound for one – designed, tuned, just for your ears. That’s what the right pair of headphones can do. From a statement of your audio prowess, to the ultimate fashion statement – rich leathers, high-end materials, sophisticated style – every man should have a pair of headphones that shows off his individuality.

2. Tower Speakers:

The right tower speakers not only deliver audiophile quality sound you can share with your friends, they’re also a monument of style and design. Big box speakers are no longer in vogue; a sophisticated man needs speakers that are equally stylish and sophisticated.

3. Turntable:

It’s the refined gentleman who spins the large round platter. Audiophile or not, a turntable is not only a sign of being progressive while peeking at the past, it makes a nice conversation piece next to those ultra- modern speakers. Premium sound never looked so intriguing.

4. Outdoor Speakers:

You don’t have to be a flannel-wearing outdoorsman to crave proper outdoor sound. Whether you’re having a party, playing with the kids in the yard, or just relaxing, having great sound outside is essential for any man who loves music and loves the great outdoors.

5. Premium Receiver:

Speakers may be the beauty of any system, but the receiver is the brawn – and without the right one, your sights and sounds won’t live up to their promised billing. The right receiver really letsyou show off your muscle.

1. Wireless Speakers:

Small and portable, just like the perfect purse, the right wireless speakers are something no woman would want to be without. From waterproof models you can take to the pool or the beach, to models you can place throughout your home for wireless whole-home audio, wireless speakers are a great accessory to any day’s plan.

2. Earbuds:

When your shoes match your nail polish, being fashionably synchronized is not an option, it’s a necessity. The same should be true with your portable audio. Premium earbuds not only deliver amazing sound, but they also offer a sense of style and fashion. And let’s be honest – the fact they don’t mess up your hair is a big plus.

3. Soundbar:

For many women, bulky speakers just aren’t their style, but getting the right audio from their ultra-thin TVs is still vital. The right soundbar can not only deliver amazing sound to your movies and TV shows, but many can now be used as Bluetooth or networked speakers for your digital music.

4. Architectural Speakers:

You love audio, and you’d like it in every room of your house. You’ve also spent countless dollars designing your home to look just the way you want it. Architectural speakers hide themselves in your ceiling or walls without taking from your décor. The perfect compromise without compromising on sound quality.

5. Hi-Res Audio Player:

If you’re a woman on the go, who always wants audiophile music with you, then look no further than a Hi-Res Audio Player. Small enough to fit in a pocket or clutch purse, or strap to your arm for exercise, it’s the best way to bring incredible sound with you no matter where you may go.

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