{Com}Pairing Good Wine with Great Audio

Few things are as enjoyable as kicking back with a nice glass of wine and listening to your favorite artist on a high-end audio system. Isaac Markowitz, Sales Manager at the Park Lane Magnolia Design Center in Dallas, Texas, shows us the similarities between great wine and great audio. Here’s Isaac’s story, in his own words.

A passion for all things audio

“I was a server and sommelier in high-end restaurants for 10 years, but music was my first passion. I’m classically trained and have been playing since I was five. And it’s that love of audio that attracted me to Magnolia.”

“I’ve found a lot of similarities between what I do at Magnolia and what I did working in high-end restaurants. In fine dining, people are looking for a certain level of service and a special kind of experience. The same is true at Magnolia. I’ve also found that the difference between a $100 bottle of wine and a $4,000 bottle of wine is very much the same as the difference between a $1,000 pair of speakers and a $5,000 pair of speakers. One has a lot more provenance and history, and allows you to be a lot closer to the experience. In the case of wine, it allows you to be that much closer to the land where the fruit was grown, to be closer to the wine maker. In the case of speakers, it’s about being closer to the performance, about being five rows back and dead center, listening to your favorite artist.”

Isaac Markowitz,
Magnolia Design Center Park Lane, Dallas
“I’ve never had anybody who didn’t believe in cables once I’ve had the opportunity to do an A/B comparison demo for them.”

It’s what you can’t see that will amaze you

“I’ve always believed in the value of things that are hard to see or hear at first. A lot of people don’t like the idea that cables make a noticeable difference in their system, but the truth is that they make all the difference in the world.”

“When speaking to the power of cables, I’ll often ask people about wine. I’ll ask them why they don’t drink their favorite wine out of a Styrofoam or red plastic cup. As we know, it would give it a funky smell or taste. Cables do the exact same thing to your audio and video signal as your wine glass does for your wine: they allow you to get the full expression of the performance, to enjoy it in its best possible form.”

“That’s why when you look at an audio system, you can break down the contribution of quality into almost perfect thirds. A third of your sound quality is dictated by your choice of loudspeakers, a third by all of the electronics in that system, and a third is from your cables. It doesn’t make sense to make a chain with two links of titanium and one link of cheese. Big speakers make big sound, but if you have low-quality sources and cables ahead of them, all you’re doing is making really big, low-quality sound.”

“If you let me build you a properly proportioned audio system, I can give you a golden ticket to every concert you’ve ever dreamed of going to. And that’s really what makes what Magnolia does so special – we’re building time machines for people.”

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