Upgrading Everything 4K Ultra HD TVs & Dolby Atmos®

There are two recent technologies in the audio/video world that take your home entertainment to a place once found only in the finest movie theaters. For video, that’s 4K Ultra HD TVs - it’s like your HDTV on steroids - giving you 4X the resolution of your current 1080p picture. For audio, it’s Dolby Atmos, which takes surround sound to a whole new level by putting sound above you - so now you get 360o sound from every direction in your home theater. Both of these products are truly game changers in the world of home theater. But some are hesitant to join this revolution in sight and sound because they fear the content simply isn’t there. Well, guess what, there’s more there than you may think.

The secret of 4K and Dolby Atmos

There’s a little secret in the world of 4K Ultra HD TVs, and it’s one we selfishly don’t mind if you share. It’s that not all 4K TVs are created equal. One of the big factors that separates the 4K Ultra HD TVs offered inside Magnolia compared to 4K TVs offered at other locations is that every 4K Ultra HD TV Magnolia sells features upscaling technology. At other locations, many of their 4K TVs don’t. What does this mean? Simply, that every 4K TV from Magnolia upscales your TV’s content to near 4K. And we only say “near” to be legally safe. In most cases, it’s a picture 4X clearer than your current HDTV, meaning content is not only here, it’s everywhere. From standard-definition shows to high-definition sporting events, even streaming content, these TVs deliver everything you watch in near 4K Ultra HD quality. The same is true for Dolby Atmos; everything you listen to is upgraded to near Dolby Atmos, for an incredibly immersive audio experience. And not only is the picture and sound quality better, it’s better by leaps and bounds. We’ll admit it’s not true, native 4K content, or all-out Dolby Atmos, but it’s extremely close. And some of that content is available today, with lots more coming. In fact most movies in cinemas today are being shot and recorded using these technologies, so it’s only a matter of time before this content explodes into the home theater market. But until then, upgrading gives you the next best thing, and you don’t need any special cables or wires, you just turn on your system and boom, it’s there.

The time is now

The next generation of sights and sounds is here and ready to go. So when you’re ready to turn your home entertainment system up a notch, or 4, and bring cinema-quality sights and sounds home, look no further than Magnolia. We’ve got the finest gear and the help you need to create the clearest pictures, and the most immersive sounds, for an experience you once could have never even imagined.

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