A new renaissance from MartinLogan

When you first think of the Renaissance you probably think of the end of the Middle Ages, not the image that evokes a new, powerful and technologically advanced 21st century speaker. But this new MartinLogan speaker isn’t named for the Renaissance, rather it’s named for a renaissance in sound, style and engineering. MartinLogan’s latest speaker is moving the classic electrostatic technology from amazing to unreal with new technologies and a new structure that brings studio-quality sound to any space. Truth in sound—it’s what MartinLogan is all about—and they’re debuting this new truth with the ESL 15A.

A one-of-a-kind sound

For decades, MartinLogan has been known for their engineering brilliance, creating an electrostatic speaker that is like no other on the market. In fact, there’s not another major speaker manufacturer that makes an electrostatic speaker, because it’s so darn difficult to do. But what every MartinLogan speaker proves is, that when done correctly, the use of the electrostatic panel gives you amazing sound that reproduces the true audio realism of your sound source. For the new Renaissance ESL 15A, MartinLogan has brought this sound even closer to the real thing by using a redesigned AirFrame Blade to integrate their electrostatic panel with their robust woofer section. Manufactured from an aerospace-grade extruded aluminum alloy, this material, and this exclusive manufacturing process, makes the panels extremely rigid. Rigidity is the cornerstone to any great speaker, providing electrical and acoustical isolation while minimizing distortion caused by vibration and resonance. The AirFrame Blade design also enhances imaging, low-level sonic detail, accuracy and speaker efficiency. Simply stated, you get the MartinLogan sound you know and love, clearer, crisper, and with more detail than ever before.

To further the evolution of this speaker, MartinLogan has reinvented the woofer section with what they’re calling PoweredForce Forward bass technology. This technology allows small enclosures to accurately produce massive amounts of bass, while significantly reducing performance- robbing front-wall bass reflections. This minimizes the effects of bass information that might bounce back into the listening room, resulting in realistic bass effects you can feel. Now you have more placement flexibility and enhanced accuracy and realism.

The ESL 15A is available in three basic finishes; gloss black, dark cherry and walnut. Or you can special order one of their seven premium finishes that includes Rosso Fuoco (Red) and Arctic Silver.

Laboratory standards at home

Every speaker brand worth their salt laboratory tests their speakers for accuracy and transparency. But it’s outside the lab where unknowns exist that no lab can account for: room size, furniture, materials, placement. All of these elements can make bass waves do unpredictable things, greatly affecting a speaker’s overall performance.

For the first time in an electrostatic speaker, MartinLogan is introducing the integration of exclusive Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology to achieve perfect loudspeaker performance in any space. Simply engage ARC, and the calibrated microphone measures the sound output within your unique listening space and compares it to optimal response curves. The advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms of ARC Technology then instantly adjust your speaker’s output to accommodate for the landscape of your room, virtually eliminating performance-robbing anomalies such as doors, windows and other hard surfaces, even furniture.

Not only is this the first time that ARC technology has been integrated into the bass performance of an electrostatic loudspeaker, but now you can also use your computer to access ARC’s Advanced Mode. The Advanced Mode ARC interface gives the true audio aficionado the ability to view and tweak curves and customize output in the frequency ranges most commonly affected by room acoustics. It’s the ultimate audiophile performance tool.

More to see, hear and feel

The new MartinLogan Renaissance electrostatic speaker houses an incredible amount of technology and innovations—far too many to detail here. From the Curvilinear Line Source (CLS) Electrostatic Panel, MicroPerf Stators, Vacuum Bonding, Controlled Dispersion Sound Radiation, as well as the powerful dual 500-watt Class-D amplification with 24-Bit Vojtko DSP Engine, MartinLogan has developed some crazy names for some awesome technology. Together, all of these advancements, along with the aforementioned PoweredForce Forward bass technology, advanced room correction capabilities and the unique bass sections, give the Renaissance ESL 15A an entirely new level of sound, precision and clarity.

To learn more about these technologies, or to really get a feel for what this new renaissance in MartinLogan speaker technology is all about, visit select Magnolia Design Centers, where the future is always on display.

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