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You don’t need a PhD in automotive or sound design to realize that two companies called B&W and BMW should go together. Never mind they’re both European, both share a passion for engineering greatness and both create the ultimate experience for their particular customer. In all simplicity, their names are just too close to ignore a partnership. When most people first hear about B&W speakers they reply, “BMW makes speakers?” Not such a farfetched question, because if BMW did make speakers, they would surely make what B&W has created, and vice-versa. Impeccable design, unbeatable craftsmanship and forward-thinking functionality make these two brands a perfect fit. And for the car lover who also loves audio, this is a match made in heaven. Pedal down, sound up, mind blown.

Your music studio on wheels

BMW is known as the “Ultimate Driving Machine” – it’s behind the wheel that you truly experience all this car has to offer. In the 7 Series, the driver’s seat is rivaled only by the optional Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package – aptly named for its stunning amenities. Relax in ultimate comfort with the auto-recline, massaging seats that can be heated or cooled; kick your heals up on the footrest, watch whatever you like on the dual 10" video screens, and control it all with the 7" tablet integrated into the arm rest. Most living rooms don’t offer this many amenities. There’s only one thing that could make this ride more memorable. Enter the optional 16-speaker, 1400-watt Bowers & Wilkins sound system. From your living room to your sedan, the impeccable sound of B&W never has to leave you.

With any audio system, placement of the speakers is key. The cockpit of a luxury sedan offered Bowers & Wilkins a unique music hall to play with. Designed exclusively for the 7 Series, B&W used studio-level acoustic technologies never before seen in a commercial vehicle. Knowing exactly where every passenger would be in the cabin, they were able to integrate the sound system perfectly for acoustic precision. Now everyone in the vehicle is ideally positioned for the audio experience that surrounds them. Tuned by the same golden ears responsible for the 800 Series Diamond speaker line, even when you’re screaming down the highway at 70 miles per hour, you’ll feel like you’re front and center at your favorite concert.

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend

Utilizing many of the same materials and the same engineering brilliance that created Bowers & Wilkins’ flagship 800 Series Diamond speakers, the surround sound system in the 7 Series produces a studio-grade experience. Starting with the Diamond Dome Tweeter, a revolution in tweeter technology developed by B&W, you get the perfect combination of lightness and rigidity, for clear treble and an amazing audio experience. The tweeters in the BMW 7 Series also benefit from Nautilus spiral diffusers, a technology derived from Bowers & Wilkins flagship Nautilus speaker. This technology is like a horn that works in reverse, sucking unwanted sound radiation away from the back of the driver, ensuring unwanted sound never reaches your ears.

The Diamond Surround Sound System also employs Kevlar and Rohacell® for it’s midrange and bass drivers. Together, these materials deliver clear vocals and intense bass to every passenger.

Luxury looks to match the sound

Bowers & Wilkins speakers have a very iconic look, in much the same way as the design of every BMW automobile. So hiding these beautiful speakers would be foolish. With a style and luxury that mimics the cabin that surrounds them, the automaker and sound designer created stainless steel speaker grilles, which have audio- ideal Fibonacci patterned holes that allow maximum sound to pass through and blend into the interior of the 7 Series. Subtle lighting on the Mirror-sail tweeters highlights the Diamond tweeter and the Nautilus spiral technology, illuminating your eyes, ears and soul.

Homeward bound

The Bowers & Wilkins audio system in the new BMW 7 Series is a work of art. And while we don’t have the 7 Series in our Magnolia Design Center showrooms, we can offer you an audio experience just as amazing as the one you’ll get in this luxury auto. Let us show you the new B&W 800 Series Diamond speaker line, with looks, engineering and sound that will send your heart racing and take your soul to places no car could. Stop into your nearest Magnolia Design Center today and test drive the flagship B&W speakers, they’re sure to take you on a journey you’ll never want to return from.

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