Expanding your Wireless Network

Let’s be honest; your home’s Wi-Fi network is something you never want to think about. If you have a good one, you never do. But when the kids’ online games are lagging, or you can’t get on the Internet for work, get ready for major frustration, uproars and even chaos. A strong wireless signal affects what everyone in the family does every day. Kids need a fast network connection for gaming, using their phones, surfing the Web, even for doing homework. Parents need a good home network for work, for keeping their home automation system running smoothly, for Web browsing and for streaming audio and video content.

Yet, for some reason, many of us have accepted that the signal our Internet provider or cable company gave us is as good as it can get. Thankfully, this simply isn’t true. With the help of Magnolia, you’ll find solutions that make your network faster, smoother, and one that reaches every corner of your home, without those painful lags or dropouts.

How to get the best possible signal

Unlike the singular solution that your Internet or cable provider may have given you, Magnolia can take that same signal coming into your house and extend it to every corner of your home with a strength and agility it didn’t have before. With two unique networking solutions, Magnolia can bring your system well beyond the plug- and-play experience to make all of your wireless dreams faster, smoother and dropout free.

Solution A: Luxul

Luxul takes your wireless signal and gives it amazing power, super-sizing your signal by adding robust amplifiers and a more powerful antenna. In fact, Luxul is a business-grade product, increasing the Radio Frequency (RF) footprint in your home to the FCC legal limit. Using either a single access point installed into the center of more moderate homes, or multiple access points for larger homes, Luxul gives you the strength you require to reach wherever you need that signal most. And as products like 4K and Hi-Res continue to become more prominent in your home, you now have a signal powerful enough to handle the added bandwidth.

Solution B: Ruckus

If Luxul takes your signal and gives it more power, Ruckus gives that signal more brains. Using what it calls a “smart antenna,” Ruckus aims the RF energy directly at your devices. Until Ruckus came to market, you simply had a single antenna with energy going in all directions. With Ruckus, you have multiple antennas pointing in an array of directions. The antennas can sense where the component is that it’s having a conversation with, then can focus the transmission of the other antennas in that direction. Like Luxul, Ruckus provides you with multiple access points in your home and, using a zone director, continually looks at which devices are being used, and shifts the signal from the access points to the devices that need that signal most. Now everyone gets the optimized experience from the products they’re using. So in today’s homes where a host of devices are pulling on your Wi- Fi signal, like phones, TVs, computers, tablets, gaming systems, home automation systems, streaming content, and so on, and so on, and so on, Ruckus allows the signal to be here, there, and in multiple places at once.

Ruckus also provides a signal strength typically used in performance halls, corporate campuses and educational spaces, so you can continue to add products without compromising the quality of the network. Ruckus is also optimized to give you solid performance in harsh and dense radio frequency environments, e.g., homes with lots of metal, concrete, or where neighbors above, below or on either side have strong Wi-Fi signals. And with a lifetime product warranty, Ruckus has you covered.

A personal solution

Magnolia takes your home network as seriously as anything we’d put in your home, because it’s this network that makes all of your other gear perform at its peak. That’s why Magnolia offers dedicated teams of engineers, who create the schematics to bring your entire home networking system to life. Plus, our installers make sure your access points are in the optimal positions and that everything is installed without a wire in sight.

If your home network is giving you headaches, let Magnolia help you find the right wireless solution and bring seamless, always-on networking solutions into every part of your home.

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