The New Visual Environment Lutron & Lighting Control

For decades, Magnolia has been synonymous with premium audio and video. While this bedrock value continues to inform its identity, it would be an incomplete representation to confine the brand to these products for which it’s become best known.

The premium home entertainment experience no longer only conforms to the devices transmitting and showcasing the sound and the picture. The environment in which these devices live is becoming recognized as being just as important. Within the last few years, Magnolia has recognized this evolution and entered into the realm of the visual environment. This term does not refer to the projectors or screens themselves, but rather to the space they occupy, and namely the one element that pervades all aspects of every A/V system design: light.

See your home in a whole new way

Light—whether natural or electric—is so pervasive that it can almost be overlooked. Its presence seems static, a constant but disconnected backdrop to every activity in a home, not a consciously considered factor for a TV upgrade or a distributed audio installation.

To view light in this way, however, would not only be an underestimation, but a disservice. Light, and natural light in particular, is a necessity—humans crave it. Its ubiquity should make it a focus, not an afterthought.

Residential design trades recognize this and strive to unite light’s function with fashion. Open-concept floorplans and oversized windows weave daylight into a home’s architectural plan. Decorative fixtures and accent lighting exist to bolster a design scheme and highlight furnishings more so than to illuminate a space.

The key to all of this is controlling that light in such a way that it enhances a space, rather than being static or disconnected. That’s where Lutron comes in. Several years ago Magnolia began offering Lutron lighting solutions, and the results were visual magic. By controlling light with Lutron, light becomes alive and dynamic, and an integral component uniquely woven into every experience. Daily life turns into scenes lit like a movie, brightening overhead lights for cooking, then lowering them for dining, and finally adjusting them once again for watching TV.

Activities are meant for differentiated layers of light, and true lighting control from Lutron promises this with the ease and convenience of pressing one button. The comfort of a room, the quality of a picture, the fidelity of the speakers—all are optimized when experienced in the right light. What is “right” varies by activity, necessitating a transition as fluid as it is transformative.

Natural light controlled

Lutron has taken the concept of lighting control and extended it from the light switch to the windows, since control of electric light cannot be fully appreciated without control of daylight. Again deploying control at the press of a button, Lutron provides automated shades that perfectly embody the concept of function meeting fashion. Shades move in sync and in silence, fabricated in beautiful materials to lend aesthetics to practical demands. From protecting interiors against fading to reducing heat gain for comfort, shades allow for enjoyment of natural light’s benefits. They can also reduce it for privacy, or eliminate it entirely to eradicate glare. Just as with electric light, the appropriate levels of natural light vary by activity, therefore require control.

Let there be light, or not, it’s up to you

The universality and necessity of light dictate the importance of controlling it, accounting for the visual environment’s role in every home entertainment system. With Lutron products, Magnolia will ensure that a button pressed in a first floor family room offers the complete cinematic experience—lowering shades, dimming lights, beginning a movie. Because for Magnolia and Lutron, the environment that the movie is shown in, is just as important as the audio and video gear that shows the film itself.

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