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The Audeze EL-8 Headphones

Flexible, portable, lightweight and loaded with technology for extreme performance.

Design and Technologies


With the EL-8s open-back design, you get an expansive listening experience. The space around you opens up and you feel as though the music is playing around you, drawing you into the soundstage.
headphones, el-8, audeze


With superior comfortable ear pads, the adjustable band and attention to detail in design, the EL-8s fit your head perfectly for hours of listening enjoyment.
headphones, el-8, audeze


Incorporating Audeze’s ground-breaking Fluxor magnetics, Uniforce diaphragms and Fazor elements, you get deep bass, an engaging midrange, and a sweet, detailed top end for a sound that is anything but ordinary.
headphones, el-8, audeze



Beyond their amazing advancements in headphone technologies, the EL-8s implement the finest craftsmanship and hand-selected woods.

headphones, el-8, audeze


The EL-8s are a remarkable achievement in engineering, comfort and style. Recognized as an industry leader, Audeze continually pushes the limits of technology, material science and engineering - striving for sonic perfection.

headphones, el-8, audeze


With best-in-class accuracy, Audeze headphones are an irreplaceable tool for those requiring the most transparent audio reproduction available. First discovered by audiophiles, professional engineers and music producers now use Audeze headphones as their reference.
headphones, el-8, audeze