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Integra Two-Channel Amplifier


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  • Expand your A/V receiver's audio distribution capabilities in the home theater and beyond with this powerful two-channel WRAT component, featuring auto power on and Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry.


    Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry An important upgrade to the core WRAT concept is Integra’s Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry, a low negative feedback topology featuring a discrete triple transistor array to cut distortion and boost current flow to the speakers. As well as improving efficiency, transient response, and audio clarity, discrete transistors run cooler, extending the life of your output stage for more years of trouble-free service.

    All-Analog Circuitry Unaffected by Digital Noise A standard integrated amplifier has the dual task of both processing and amplifying audio signals, and is therefore susceptible to interference from digital circuitry. As a dedicated power amp with all-analog circuitry, the ADM-20.4 is protected against digital interference. When partnered with a quality pre-processor, this unit offers all the benefits of pure analog amplification: a warm, musical, and full-bodied sound.

    High Output Power Supply From input to output, signal purity is maintained at every stage. Housed in a rigid anti- resonant steel-plate chassis and finished with a tough one-piece aluminum front panel, the ADM-20.4 is highly resistant to vibration. A massive EI transformer delivers a steady supply of power to the speakers, while two large 10,000 μF capacitors, heavy- duty transistors, and low-impedance copper bus bars work in concert to enhance the power and fidelity of your audio sources. A heavy-duty aluminum heat sink keeps the unit running cool for superior reliability and longer life.

    User-Friendly Features and Better Performance The ADM-20.4 sports banana plug-compatible speaker posts to ensure a positive connection to the loudspeakers of your choice. The unit is also equipped with selectable audio or 12 V triggers providing automatic power on/off with your home theater system plus a rearside level adjustment. A pair of line-in and line-out ports provide the multi-room capabilities to which this amplifier is perfectly suited.


    Model NumberADM20.4
    Warranty Term - Parts3 years
    Warranty Term - Labor3 years
    Product Width17 1/8 inches
    Product Weight17.6 pounds
    Total Harmonic Distortion0.08% (Rated Power)
    Product Length5 1/2 inches
    Impedance870 mV/20 k-Ohms (Unbalanced)
    Frequency Response10 Hz-100 kHz/+0 dB, -3 dB
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio110 dB (Line, IHF-A)
    Distortion0.08% (Rated Power)
    Power Consumption160 W
    Standby Power Consumption0.5 W
    Product Depth (actual product height) (X.x ")12 1/2 inches
    Damping Factor60 (Front, 1 kHz, 8 Ohms)
    Input Sensitivity and Impedance870 mV/20 k-Ohms (Unbalanced)
    Rated RCA Output Level and Impedance0.87 V/270 Ohms (Line Out)
    Speaker Impedance4 Ohms-16 Ohms
    Power SupplyAC 120 V~, 60 Hz
    No-Sound Power Consumption45 W
    Power Output75 W/Ch at 8 Ohms, 1 kHz, 0.08%, 2 Channels Driven, FTC 65 W/Ch at 4 Ohms, 1kHz, 0.08%, 2 Channles Driven, FTC