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AudioQuest Boxer 9.8' Subwoofer Cable - Black/Brown

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  • This AudioQuest Boxer BOXER03 subwoofer cable ensures efficient transmission, utilizing silver-plated copper conductors and a noise-dissipation system to reduce signal distortion. PE air-tube insulation preserves dynamic contrast for quality sound.


    Solid 1.25% Silver Conductors

    Solid conductors help eliminate strand-interaction distortion and reduce jitter.

    Compatible with most amps and receivers

    For wide-ranging use.

    1.25% silver-plated copper

    Ensures clear, crisp signal transmission.

    PE air-tube insulation

    Minimizes sonic smearing and preserves dynamic contrast for quality sound reproduction.

    Carbon-based, 3-layer noise-dissipation system

    Uses carbon-loaded layers to reduce the amount of RF and EMI noise before it reaches the equipment ground plane.

    Integrated chassis ground connector

    Helps eliminate ground loop hum.


    Warranty Terms - Parts5 years
    Warranty Terms - Labor5 years
    Product ColorBlack/Brown
    Shipping Weight0.5
    Included ItemsAudioQuest Boxer 9.8' Subwoofer Cable