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AudioQuest Rocket 33 15' Speaker Cable (Single-Pack) - Black/Gray

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  • This AudioQuest Rocket 33 15' speaker cable features a single biwire design to enhance the performance of your speakers with 4 binding posts per speaker. The 8 solid-core conductors help eliminate strand interaction for reduced distortion.


    From our expanded online assortment; not available in all Best Buy stores

    Compatible with most speakers with 4 binding posts per speaker

    For wide-ranging connection options. Single biwire design helps improve the performance of your speakers.

    8 solid-core conductors

    Help eliminate strand interaction.

    4 Long-Grain Copper conductors

    Reduce distortion over standard Oxygen-Free Copper.

    4 Perfect-Surface Copper conductors

    Feature a smooth conductor surface with few grain boundaries for enhanced performance.

    Noise-dissipation system

    Uses layers of carbon-loaded synthetics to reduce the amount of RF and EMI noise before it reaches the equipment's ground plane.

    15' length

    For optimal room placement.


    Warranty Terms - Parts5 years limited
    Warranty Terms - Labor5 years limited
    Product ColorBlack/Gray
    Shipping Weight2.1
    Included ItemsAudioQuest Rocket 33 15' Speaker Cable (Single-Pack)