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Key Digital - Digital IQ Series HDBaseT/HDMI Cat-5e/-6 Matrix Switcher

SKU:8303183 Model:KD-HD6X6LITE
This Key Digital Digital IQ Series KD-HD6X6LITE switcher features 6 simultaneously active Cat-5e/-6 and 6 HDMI outputs, so you can view and switch between up to 6 HDMI sources on as many as 12 displays.


Compatible with a variety of HDMI-enabled components
Including KD-CATHD250POH signal extenders for use with your existing equipment.
Flexible connectivity options
Let you connect up to 6 HDMI devices to 6 HDMI and 6 Cat-5e/-6 simultaneously active outputs, so you can easily switch between standard-definition, high-definition, 3D and 4K Ultra HD video sources.
Full Buffer technology
Enables seamless switching and viewing of sources to displays with full buffering of HDCP and EDID signals.
Signal extension
With the included KD-CATHD250POHRx receiver extenders, which are capable of transmitting 4K Ultra HD up to 120' or 1080p/60Hz or 1080i and lower resolutions up to 210'.
Deep color support for up to 12 bits per color
Ensures a rich, vibrant picture.


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