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Niles IR MicroFlasher

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  • Create a remote control extender system using this IR microflasher that features a flashback LED for a visual confirmation of operation. The miniature size offers a low profile and small footprint.


    From our expanded online assortment; not available in all Best Buy stores

    Compatible with Niles IR main system units and multizone receivers

    Along with preamplfiers for wide-ranging use.

    Works as part of a remote control extender system

    To transmit commands to A/V components.

    Flashback LED

    Provides visual confirmation of operation. Transparent to infrared light.

    Miniature size

    Offers a low profile and small footprint.

    Secure adhesive mounting

    Along with a 10' cable with 3.5mm plugs for easy installation.


    Warranty Terms - Parts2 years limited
    Warranty Terms - Labor2 years limited
    Product Height3/16"
    Product Width5/16"
    Product Depth1/2"
    Shipping Weight1.0
    Included ItemsNiles IR MicroFlasher, 10' cable