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Dedicated Theater

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AMX Controller: Put the entire theater in the palm of your hand, from the lights, to the curtains, to the starry night ceiling, you control it all.
Automatic Recline Seats: Enjoy the movie in style with these leather stadium seats. Options include your choice of fabric, automatic recline, plus integrated speakers and more.
Projector with Panamorph Lens: By eliminating the black letterbox bars and giving you a 33% wider, more immersive image than standard 16:9, Panamorph brings the cinema experience home for your favorite UltraWide movies.
Baffle Wall: With the push of a button, a light behind this faux wall turns on to reveal the different speakers that bring the audio to this space.
Automated Curtain: As part of movie mode, the curtains and drapes automatically close to keep your room private and block out sunlight.
Acoustic Panels: These panels not only hide your speakers from view, but they also offer sound enhancing characteristics while keeping the room looking smart.
Projector Screen: More than just the perfect surface to watch a movie, this screen also allows sound to permeate to the viewer, allowing you to hide speakers behind the screen.

Dedicated Theater Showcase


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Interested in a real theater at home? Stop into your nearest Magnolia Design Center and take one for a spin. Like any of the hundreds of home theaters we’ve designed and installed across the country, this one has many of the features we find people enjoy the most.

Simply sit back, relax and hit Movie Mode on the AMX controller and watch as the curtains in the front and back of the room close, the lights dim, the starry night sky comes to life and the movie of your choice starts to play. With the Panamorph lens connected to the projector, you’ll notice that you’re watching the movie in the 33% wider, more immersive UltraWide 2:35:1 movie ratio, just like you would at the local cinema, with no black letterbox bars distracting your view. As the opening scene rolls, the surround sound audio system – which is hidden behind acoustic speaker panels – hits you from every angle, enveloping you in the action. There’s nothing left to do but relax and imagine just how incredible this movie experience could be in your own home.

When you’re done with the demo, take a look at the well organized audio rack in the back of the room, or ask a System Designer to give you an even more detailed tour – either way, it’s a great way to start your home theater journey, because in this case, seeing truly is believing.