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Family Room

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Control4 Remote: This Control4 remote makes it easy to control nearly every aspect of your room, house and more.
Acoustic Art Panels: Bring a sense of style to any room with these art pieces that are also acoustic panels, you choose the art while they create the perfect sound dispersion.
Hidden Component Cabinet: Having your components out and cluttering up your space is a thing of the past with these panels that hide your equipment into your cabinetry while still allowing easy control.
Control4 iPad App: With this intuitive app, your iPad becomes the control panel for your lights, home entertainment system, window blinds, fireplace and so much more.
Stylish Home Entertainment Furniture: With our huge assortment of cabinets, TV stands and home entertainment furniture, we can help you create the right sense of style for your room, while enhancing the performance of your gear.
Retractable TV Art Panel: This retractable art piece (offered in countless designs) covers your TV when it’s off, making it appear like a framed piece of art, and simply lifts out of sight when you turn the TV on.
Hidden Center Channel Speaker: Using perforated fabric, speakers, like this center channel speaker, can be hidden into cabinetry for a look that is seamless and perfectly integrated.

The Family Room


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Welcome to our Magnolia Design Center family room. It holds everything you’d expect to see in a family room except two things, you and your family. This family room is designed to create a comfortable, relaxing feel, where the electronics are hidden until you truly want to experience them.

One push of the Control4 keypad and the room transforms into a space where any family would be happy to gather to watch the latest movie or listen to their favorite tunes. The lights around you dim to movie mode, the art over the fireplace rolls up and out of view to reveal a 60" HDTV, the shades go down over the windows and the sound system comes on. It’s movie time, it’s music time, it’s family time.

It’s a full home theater family room where you can experience the incredible audio and video products that Magnolia is known for, in a space that keeps these elements hidden, demonstrating Magnolia’s incredible engineering and installation capabilities. To experience the room for yourself, visit your nearest Magnolia Design Center and see, (or don’t see) all the wonderful things we can do for your space.