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Outdoor Great Room

The Outdoor Great Room 1 The Outdoor Great Room 2
SunBrite Weatherproof TV: Perfect for mounting near a pool, hot tub, or anywhere outside, catch the big game while catching some rays.
Rock Speakers: Designed to look like part of your landscape, these outdoor speakers are designed to be heard, not seen.
Weatherproof Speakers: Rain or shine, enjoy your favorite tunes outside, anytime.
Retractable Projection Screen: Simply click a button and watch as the screen lowers, and the projector comes on, for an outdoor theater where the biggest stars are in the sky.
Projector: One click and you’re in movie mode. Enjoy the latest blockbuster in a theater that gives you plenty of head room.


The Outdoor Great Room


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Imagine a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon–what better time to have some family and friends over for a barbeque and an evening of entertainment. While you enjoy your favorite beverage outside and start up the grill, you and some guests watch a few innings of baseball on your SunBrite weatherproof TV, while others enjoy listening to a montage of summertime tunes from the outdoor speakers mounted in the pergola and hidden in outdoor rock speakers.

As the sun sets on this gorgeous summer day, the outdoor TV and sconces turn off, the string lights dim, the projection screen magically lowers from the pergola above, and the projector turns on to reveal the latest action thriller, playing outside for all your guests to enjoy.

Now stop imagining, because this very scene is played out every day inside our Magnolia Design Centers. Using one central remote, you can experience all these actions and more. And while imagining entertaining outdoors is fun, experiencing it is so much better. To see what we can do to turn your outdoor space into another room of your house, step into your nearest Magnolia Design Center and get inspired.