Magnolia's 60+ Year History

Magnolia has a long and storied history that spans more than 60 years. Each decade has brought with it new products and new innovations, but one thing has never changed, Magnolia’s dedication to customer service. We aim to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, just like we did in the past, and just like we will do long into the future. Here’s a short history lesson on Magnolia, enjoy.

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    • Len Tweten opens Magnolia Stationers and Camera Shop in the Magnolia district of Seattle
    • Len Tweten’s love of high fidelity starts the transition of the store into audio
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    • The transition to audio specialty store is complete
    • The business is renamed Magnolia Hi-Fi
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    1970s, 80s and 90s

    • Magnolia wins more than 22 customer service awards as a specialty audio store
    • Magnolia becomes the place on the West Coast for technology firsts, from the first big screen TVs to the first VCRs; if it’s new, Magnolia has it
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    • Magnolia is acquired by Best Buy
    • Magnolia opens stores within Best Buy called Magnolia Home Theater
    • The brand reaches nationwide status
    • Magnolia opens its first Design Center
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    • Magnolia Engineering Services opens a dedicated lab to build and design rack systems in Minnesota
    • Magnolia begins providing services to the commercial market
    • Magnolia moves all of its Design Centers inside Best Buy stores
    • New stores continue to open, bringing Magnolia’s products, services and expertise nationwide
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