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Putting the Expert in Expertise

From System Designers and Project Managers to Engineers and Installers, everyone at Magnolia is dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

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Our Expertise

Sometimes It Is What You Know

Magnolia Design Center employees are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. They not only have a passion for the latest home entertainment gear, but they also have a passion for finding you exactly what you need, and installing it just right. Everyone at Magnolia is dedicated to your complete satisfaction, and we do everything we can to surpass that goal. Stop in and let us show you just how far we’ll go to make your home entertainment dreams come true.

Our Specialties

System Designers and Project Managers

From product selection to design, our staff of System Designers is committed to helping you get the most out of your dream home entertainment system. Then our Project Managers work to bring it all together. They’ll even work directly with your builder or interior designer to ensure we not only meet your design goals, but that the project runs seamlessly. We’re with you through every step of the process so you get the exact experience you were hoping for.

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Installers and Engineers

Magnolia Engineers take the design of your new home entertainment system and bring it to life with CAD drawings and rack builds that ensure you get full enjoyment out of your system once it’s in your home. Then our teams of dedicated installers work to bring your system to life, without a cord in sight. And we don’t just walk away once all the wires are hidden and everything is in just the right spot. We make sure you understand how everything works so you can truly enjoy your new system once we walk out your door.

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Customized Solutions

Sure, we’ll mount your new TV over your fireplace. But where we really shine is with whole-home, custom installations. No project is too big or too complicated. In fact, our teams of engineers will even fabricate products to fit you unique needs. From new builds to your current home, we’re ready to bring your custom home entertainment system to life.

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Home Theater

Bring The Action Home

The lights dim, the screen drops from the ceiling and the window blinds close as the projector and surround sound system come to life. All of this happens with one click on your home automation app. This is a Magnolia home theater, and it’s waiting for you to buy a ticket.

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Putting the Great Back into the Great Outdoors

Why should the inside of your house have all the fun? At Magnolia, we understand how popular outdoor entertaining has become. That’s why we offer everything from the latest outdoor speakers to weatherproof TVs. But it’s not enough to throw some products in your outdoor space and call it a day. No, we make sure that the installation outside is as clean, precise and perfect as any install we would do inside your home. Outdoor entertaining from Magnolia, where the sky really is the limit.

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Putting the Smart into Your Smart Home

Home automation is the heart of your home's entertainment system. It's more than just controlling one aspect of your home like your lights or thermostat, it's every element of your home working together seamlessly to bring you complete enjoyment. One push of a button on your smartphone or tablet and your lights dim, window blinds close and your home theater system comes to life - that's home automation.

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We Bring Complete Solutions to Your Project

At your local Magnolia Design Center, we don't just have the products, or the know-how, we have all the elements to turn your home entertainment dreams into reality. From design to engineering to installation, we're with you every step of the way, with solutions for today, and well into the future.

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